Ocean Nutrition Micro Artemia Cysts +/- 430 micron 25 gr

This is a high end Artemia cyst with a size of +/- 430 micron

Very small nauplii for first feeding of delicate marine fish larvae

Cyst diameter: +/- 230 micron

Instar I nauplii size: +/- 430 micron

Total Omega-3 HUFA: > 15 mg/gr dry weight

Naturally rich in the essential highly unsaturated fatty acid EPA

Extremely high, fast and synchronous hatching

Hatching efficiency up to 300.000 nauplii per gram and more

Ingredients: Artemia Cysts

Ingredients & Analysis:

Crude Protein: 54%
Crude Lipids:   11%
Crude Ash:        5%
Moisture:            6%

Available in a 500 gr and 25 gr Aluminum foil bag

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