Nyos Artemis 250 ml

Nyos Artemis 250 ml

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Nyos Product no.: 16669
EAN: 4260246921194
With Nyos® ARTEMIS you get a liquid zoological plankton concentrate which can be used directly. ARTEMIS contains high-quality Artemia salina(0,2-20mm). This provides ideal nutrition for numerous seawater fish and LPS corals. ARTEMIS strengthens seawater fish vitality and accelerates coral growth.•  High-quality raw materials•  Can be added directly to the tank, no defrosting necessary•  Easy to use•  Ideal for many ornamental seawater fish and LPS corals• Garlic strengthens immune system of seawater fishRecommendations for use: ARTEMIS can be fed directly, for example by means of a pipette or dosage cup. Alternatively, ARTEMIS can first be diluted with aquarium water in a separate container and then added. Feed fish sparingly many times a day. Feed LPS corals with a pipette after turning off the current 1-2 times per week, directly and in small amounts. 

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